About the mobile engagement tool.

“Our Past” a 140 foot cranky that educates the public about how our city came to be, and the impacts of racially discriminatory policies throughout our cities development.


“Our Future” a 75 foot cranky that educates the public about present day challenges and opportunities for public policy, and how public policy recommendations can shape policy (through an equity lens) within the final 2040 comprehensive plan. 

  • Lead Artists; Diver Van Avery/Michael Hoyt
  • Fabrication: Adam Croft

Imagining Equity is a mobile engagement tool commissioned by the City of Minneapolis Community Planning and Economic Development Department.


Imagining Equity traveled to public parks, community events, and neighborhood convenings across the City of Minneapolis to invite residents to:

  • learn about the history of how Minneapolis came to be.
  • learn about how the voices, experiences, and ideas of residents can inform public policy. Create artful written and visual responses as policy recommendations.
  • learn how the Citiy’s comp planning process works.