DREAMSLAND 2015-present

Dreamsland is a site specific community led public space that invites people to explore equitable land stewardship and practice creative neighboring.

Hanabata Days

Hanabata Days is a graphic memoir that explores the unexpected reunion of a father and son, 47 years after separation.

The Wanderer

A solo canoe construction project.

Free the Deeds

A Minneapolis-wide public project that illuminates our common history and offers a path to repair.

Returning the River

A night of poetry, projection, and music illuminating a future where both rivers and people are liberated, where we celebrate wildness, and where we practice reciprocal relationships between all bodies of water, including one another’s.  

Imagining Equity

A mobile community response tool to engage residents of Minneapolis in developing equitable policy recommendations for the City’s 2040 comprehensive plan.

One Another 2013-2020

A mobile portrait exchange platform that invites strangers into conversation and the act of seeing and drawing one-another.

Rolling Revelry 2013-2018

A peddle powered mobile karaoke platform.

Norae shanty (2005-2015)

The Norae Shanty first debuted as part of the 2005 Art Shanty Projects as a space to explore connection through song.

Poho Posit

A interactive installation rerendering of my neighborhood online community forum.